Produced by David Zeiger and Bestor Cram

Co-Produced by Jade Fox, Brian Samuels and Dominic Musacchio

Directed by David Zeiger and Mike Majoros

May Rigler
Jerry Henry
David Auerbach
Bestor Cram
David Zeiger
Leonard Rotman
Hal Muskat

Edited by Mike Majoros

“Sound Off” written and performed by Boots Riley and The Coup

Still photography
Mathieu Grandjean
Jared Rodriguez
Marty Katz

Graphic design
Christopher Kirk

Adam Scott
Hong Huynh

Web Site design and management
Jade Fox and Adam Scott

Web Development and Consulting
Duro Media

Web Series Outreach
Jade Fox
Perry O’Brien
Jose Vasquez

Linda Gross, LCG Communications

Production Funding provided by
Locker Associates
The Eastman Fund
Carolyn Blackwood

Web Series funding provided by
The Fledgling Fund