If Endless War is Intolerable To You…

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We Were Soldiers In The “War On Terror”
A new short film by Elsa Rassbach

Elsa Rassbach has gathered twenty minutes of the most powerful testimony at the Iraq Veterans Against the War’s Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan hearings in 2008. This is an excellent resource for classrooms, organizations, or anyone who can’t and won’t accept the endless war the world has been plunged into by our government.


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From the film:

Germany, Kosovo, Iraq

“We were killing Iraqi people in horrible ways…”


“‘Oh my God, this is it! This is someone who is trying to hurt us!'”


“…leveling houses before we even went in became pretty common place…”

Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan

“‘Er, kill babies.’ That’s motivating. That’s not meant to be funny.”

Mexico, Qatar, Kuwait, Germany, Iraq

“Everyone that was not a U.S. force became a ‘Haji,’ not a person, not a name, but a ‘Haji.””

Italy, Iraq

“We took the best thing from Muslims and made it into the worst thing.”


“Over this week, these guys were beaten relentlessly and humiliated.”

Germany, Iraq

“We all just wanted everyone to come home alive.”

Co-Chair IVAW
Kuwait, Iraq

“The problem is the occupation itself.”

Honor SOLDIERS WHO RESIST this Memorial Day–Declare Sir! No Sir! and Take a Stand…for free!

In honor of the soldiers and veterans who will be part of the demonstrations at the NATO Summit in Chicago–from May 19, Armed Forces/Armed Farces Day, through the Memorial Day weekend, you can watch FOR FREE three powerful films about GI and veterans’ resistance to criminal wars:

Sir! No Sir!The landmark 2006 film by David Zeiger that revealed the suppressed story of the GI Movement to end the Vietnam War, a movement that shook the military and government to its core and played a major role in ending the war. Sir! No Sir! has been distributed for free to thousands of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, helping to inspire the birth of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

This is Where We Take Our Stand – Last year’s film by David Zeiger, Bestor Cram, and Mike Majoros, that told the story of the hundreds of soldiers and veterans who risked everything to reveal the true nature of the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations by testifying at 2008’s Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan hearings.

Unfinished SymphonyThe 2001 Sundance film by Bestor Cram and Mike Majoros that told the story of one of the largest demonstrations of veterans during the Vietnam War, the 1971 march from Concord to Boston by Vietnam Veterans Against the War that ended in 400 arrests–the most in Massachusetts history. Set to Henryk Gorecki’s unfinished Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, this beautiful, lyrical film brings you deep into the soul of veterans’ resistance.


The films will be available on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/DisplacedFilms/featured starting at 9 am on Saturday, May 19, and ending Tuesday, May 29, at 9 am.

Go to http://www.sirnosir.com to find more DVDs and books on GI resistance, including FTA–the film about Jane Fonda’s antiwar cabaret that entertained thousands of soldiers in the US and around the world, and Soldiers in Revolt–David Cortright’s book that tells the full, unforgettable story of the GI Movement against the Vietnam War.

And starting May 19, every DVD order will include a free DVD of A Night of Ferocious Joy, the film vividly portraying the 2005 L.A. concert condemning the invasion of Afghanistan that featured Ozomatli, Boots Riley and The Coup, Saul Williams, Dilated Peoples, and many more.


Life After G.I. War Resistance: Military Resisters 30 Years Later

Check out Vietnam Veteran Michael Wong’s post from In the Mind Field

Since the start of the Bush era, soldiers and veterans have been a core part of resisting America’s wars for empire.

In 2004, Iraq Veterans Against the War began with seven members. IVAW now has hundreds of veterans and active duty members, chapters in all 50 states and overseas, and continues gaining members all the time. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are marching in peace demonstrations, speaking out at public events, giving media interviews, organizing active duty soldiers on military bases, and actively helping GI resisters. Anti-war Iraq veterans were featured in a documentary movie, The Ground Truth, and in several other movies about the war. During the Iraq war, over 2,000 active duty troops signed the “Appeal for Redress” calling on Congress to end the war. At the height of the war, the GI Rights Hotline received up to 3,000 calls a month from GIs wanting out of the wars and the military, and an estimated 200-plus soldiers went AWOL in Canada. Courage to Resist helped many service members publicly refuse military orders, including 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, who never served a single day in jail. Now a young PFC, Bradley Manning, stands accused of telling the truth by leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents. All of this combined with the civilian peace movement turned the tide of American public opinion against the Iraq war, and eventually led to bringing the bulk of regular troops home. Thousands of mercenaries remain. Read the rest of this post →

Now Available on DVD

IF you are not a fan of endless war and occupation; and

IF you didn’t believe then, and don’t believe now, that these wars are about bringing democracy to oppressed people; and

IF you are sickened by the deafening silence where once there was at least outrage; and

IF you are horrified at the prospect of yet another invasion to find “weapons of mass destruction;”


This Is Where We Take Our Stand

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This Is Where We Take Our Stand – Box Set

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Read an interview with the producers

Check out the Beyond the Box interview with Producers Bestor Cram and David Zeiger.

American Warriors Up Close in This is Where We Take Our Stand

Currently airing on public television nationwide,This Is Where We Take Our Stand documents an unprecedented 2008 conference of veterans and active-duty soldiers called Winter Solider. Inspired by the 1971 conference of the same name, the four days of heartbreaking testimony revealed why many veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars concluded that their mission was unjust. ITVS’s Kate Sullivan Green spoke with Director/Producers David Zeiger and Bestor Cram about the film and its relevancy today. Read the rest of the interview →

New broadcasts plus NY and DC screening Q&As

More Broadcasts Scheduled

Still more broadcasts of This is Where We Take Our Stand are being scheduled, including:

WETA Washington, DC
January 29 @ 12:30 am

KERA Dallas
January 23 @ 10 pm

KUHT Houston
February 1 @ 10 pm

See the list below for the full schedule, and if you still don’t see a broadcast in your area please contact your local PBS station to urge them to show the film. Those emails and phone calls do indeed make a difference. Continue reading

This is Where We Take Our Stand is now airing on PBS stations!

With the support of the Independent Television Fund (ITVS) and Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the story of Winter Soldier/Iraq & Afghanistan is now an hour-long documentary airing on PBS stations nationwide. See the full list for an upcoming broadcast near you.

“This is Where We Take Our Stand” is the story of hundreds of veterans who risked everything to publicly tell their accounts of the horrors they witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan. In March of 2008, two hundred and fifty veterans and active-duty soldiers marked the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by gathering in Washington, DC, to testify from their own experience about the nature of the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. It was chilling, horrifying, and challenging for all who witnessed it.

Against tremendous odds, they brought the voices of the veterans themselves into the debate. “This is Where We Take Our Stand” is the inside story of those three days and the courageous men and women who testified-a story that’s as important to tell today as ever.

These brave soldiers and veterans are challenging a public silence that runs very deep, underscoring a willingness to accept unspeakable horrors-as long as we don’t know about them.

Broadcasts of “This is Where We Take Our Stand”

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce the initial scheduled PBS broadcasts of This is Where We Take Our Stand. This isn’t the final schedule. New broadcasts are announced every week, and the process of getting the film onto PBS stations is still very much alive.

This is Where We Take Our Stand is not an easy film for PBS, and we are very grateful to the stations that have decided to air it. In that context, please note that so far, a relatively small number of cities are showing the film on their “main” PBS station. Most of the broadcasts to date are scheduled for secondary digital stations that are often very hard to find. For example, in New York the film will be shown on WLIWDT3. Continue reading